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DOMAIN 1 Planning and Preparation

Value, Sequence and Alignment; Clarity; Balance; and Suitability for Diverse Students

DOMAIN 2 The Classroom Environment

Management of Instructional Group; Management of Transitions; Management of Materials and Supplies; and Performance of Non-Instructional Duties

DOMAIN 3 Instruction

Quality of Questions/Prompts; Discussion Techniques; and Student Participation

Activities and Assignments; Grouping of Students; Instructional Materials and Resources; and Structure and Pacing

Assessment Criteria; Monitoring of Student Learning; Feedback to Students; and Student Self-assessment and Monitoring of Progress

DOMAIN 4 Professional Responsibilities

Enhancement of Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Skills; Receptivity to Feedback from Colleagues; Integrity and Ethical Conduct; Service to Students; and Compliance with Program, School and District Guidelines/Regulations